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Dr. Pam Misher is passionate about reading.

The National Literacy Trust has noted that becoming a lifetime reader is based on developing a deep love of reading.  It is Pam's passion to provide books for young readers to increase their interest.  It is her desire that when reading her books, children will continue to have a positive attitude toward reading.  

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Carter is a series of books about a courageous, brown and white spotted puppy who loves to explore the outdoors. Read to see the adventures he encounters outside.

All books only $9.99 and are also available at these locations!

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You can also find them in these local libraries!

  • Winston-Salem Central Library (Downtown)

  • Alamance-Burlington Library (Spring Street)

  • Friends of the Lewisville Library

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Miss Shutterfield is a veteran third-grade teacher with thirty-five years of teaching experience. She is known for teaching many generations of students. Ms.
Shutterfield’s class is very eager to learn, especially in the areas of math and science. Most students were able to write about their science experiments except
for the student named Alexis.


Alexis struggled and struggled to write about her experiments. Alexis noticed that Ms. Shutterfield easily wrote with her ‘magic blue pen.’ Her thoughts flew across the page. How does Ms. Shutterfield write so well with this magic pen? How does she encourage the students to write about their experiments when using the pen? Read to see what happens.

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See what Educators have to say about The Carter Series!

"[The Carter Series] Has a lot of great challenging vocabulary."

Ms. Gabrielle Morris, NGA Academy, Grade 2

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