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Meet Dr. Pam Misher

Dr. Pam Misher has a Bachelors/Masters in Music Education, Certification in Education Administration, and Advanced Masters and Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.  She is a former principal with over 20 years of administrative experience. As a former leadership coach with Piedmont Triad Leadership Academy, she has coached over 40 administrative interns to work in high-poverty, high need schools as assistant principals/principals.  She strongly believes quality professional development for school leaders, that strengthens instructional, managerial and organizational skills, is needed to foster effective schools. Additionally, she is the co-Founder of Next Generation Academy and is a Children's Literature Author. Encouraging students to read is the door to ending poverty.

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Meet Dr. Sam Misher

Dr. Sam Misher has a Bachelors in Math and a Masters/Doctorate in Education Administration.  He is a former principal with over 20 years of administrative experience.  He has coached and trained several teacher leaders and assistant principals who have become strong principals in North Carolina.  He is most passionate about student achievement and creating a school climate conducive for learning.  Through his visionary and innovative skills, he provides a strong foundation for coaching leaders to strengthen instructional and organizational strategies. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Education. Additionally, he is the Founder of Next Generation Academy. We can change the world, one child at a time.

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Testimonials and Accolades for

SPM Educational Consultants

Dr. Pam Misher provides personable, experienced and real solutions to promote successful school leadership! The wisdom that she shares is invaluable and very much appreciated!

Noelle Leslie


Madison Elementary 

The best leadership preparation I received came from working with Dr. Sam Misher. Over the past 17 years, Dr. Misher supported and guided my development from the classroom to the principalship by creating leadership opportunities, asking probing questions and then taking a step back to allow my skills to emerge.  As a result of his coaching, I confidently lead my school towards excellence every day.

Karen Ellis

Executive Director of Title IX Student Services

“Dr. Pam Misher groomed me into the instructional leader that I am today through her mentorship and guidance.  Her methods and strategies are researched based and proven to yield results.  She develops well thought out plans for improvement and uses her many years of experiences to provide the best advice possible.  Dr. Misher’s collaborative approach to coaching makes the process an enjoyable learning experience.”

Tavy Fields

Former Principal

Wiley Elementary and Model

Dr. Pam Misher is dependable, prompt, and reliable. She gives thorough advice and by using her knowledge and expertise, she provides a unique perspective while giving sound guidance through coaching.

Catherine Moreland

Guilford County Schools

Data Coach Analyst

With a focus on improving the quality of education for all students, Dr. Sam Misher is focused on creating educational excellence for teachers and students.  “Excellence in Every way” is the mantra that frames his commitment of leading with the desired outcome of excellence for all.  While serving my community as an assistant principal and principal, Dr. Sam Misher encouraged me to challenge the status quo.  One of his favorite phrases to usher in the need for change and to establish the sense of urgency for improving teaching and learning, was “If it is not broke, break it.”

Dr. Misher understands the importance of establishing unique, nurturing learning environments and creating educational opportunities for students required our school leaders to be innovative, and to think outside the box.

Dr. Misher is my mentor, collegial and friend.  Whether I have an idea to run by him, or simply want to check in, he is supportive, inspiring and honest. New administrators and experienced school leaders continue to seek his input and know that Dr. Misher has a desire to see schools become Excellent in Every Way!

John Brown

Guilford County Schools

With Dr. Pam Misher it's all about questions. She takes the time to ask you thought provoking questions to guide and develop your own leadership philosophies! She uses her years of experience to coach and guide future leaders to serve in all school settings! She has a real approach to addressing educational issues and provides specific feedback to support making positive changes within the school community.

Charnelle Shepard

Assistant Principal

Penn Griffin Performing Arts School

I am honored to have Dr. Pam Misher as a mentor, coach, and friend. My growth as a school leader is a direct result of her discernment and ability to tailor her coaching to my specific needs.  Dr. Misher is an example of relentless integrity and commitment to excellence!

Kimberly Ashby

Assistant Principal 

Kennedy High School

Dr. Pam Misher is an amazing coach and mentor.  She has the ability to identify and maximize your strengths while helping you identify the areas that you need to grow in.

Adjoa Botwe-Rankin

District K-5 Math Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Sam Misher has been instrumental in my school leadership development and the administrator I am today.  He has always given me opportunities/exposure to information and resources that most assistant principals do not experience, until their principalships.
Dr. Sam Misher allowed me to try new things and make decisions to support the vision of the school, and although all things weren’t successful he would still be my support.  I recall one particular time when I messed up and when I went to him to apologize, his response was “I will always take the blame, but never the credit.”  Dr. Misher helped me learn that great leaders see the potential in their team and although sometimes it may fall short they will be behind you to pick you back up.   

Katrinka Brown
Northeast High School

Without Dr. Pam Misher's coaching, I would NOT have made it as an administrator after leaving the field two years ago. Her coaching, advice and listening ear has helped me to become a strong and competent administrator for my school and future leaders in my building

Chameeka Smith, Executive Director/Founder of The Brotherhood of  
Excellence Academy

Dr. Sam Misher is an exceptional leader who leads by example; not only did he afford   me my first administrative job, he provided me the opportunity to learn, stretch and grow.  I was always told I had leadership skills but Dr. Misher taught me how to use those skills to positively impact the lives of children.

David J. Miller, II
Assistant Superintendent
Lexington City Schools

Dr. Pam Misher's passion to grow viable school leaders has stretched me to realize how I could use my leadership strengths more effectively to maximize growth opportunities for my students, teachers, and colleagues. Using her vast school leadership experience and charismatic nature Dr. Misher is an invaluable ally for current and aspiring school leaders in Title I, urban, and turnaround schools.

Bennie Bradley
Oakview Elementary

As a young aspiring principal, Dr. Sam Misher took me under his wings early on and provided a rich mentoring experience as a principal intern, assistant principal and principal. He taught me how to hold high expectations for staff and create a respectful learning climate. I was very fortunate to have such a great mentor on my leadership journey and will always look to Dr. Misher as someone I can rely on for guidance.

Keisha Brown
UNC-Greensboro Middle College

I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Dr. Pam Misher early in my professional leadership journey. Her coaching is transformational and revolutionized my thinking, and more importantly my actions. Dr. Misher has an innate ability to provide critical feedback, focusing on areas of achievement that I had independently failed to recognize and improvement opportunities that would have noticeable impact on my leadership presence. She always provided me with great insight, personal examples of how to implement changes, and kept me committed by regularly tracking progress. As a result of our time together, I have implemented innovative practices, gained a greater self-confidence in my own ability to lead, and an increased positive perception about my leadership that has led to new opportunities to utilize the knowledge I attained. While I have read literature on how to lead effectively, Dr. Misher’s coaching has provided me practical tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally. I know I would not be where I am at today without her guidance, patience, and support.

Karen Anderson
Wake Principal Leadership Program Director/NC State Instructor

Dr. Pam Misher is a dynamic mentor. She has coached me for many years and helped me solidify my place as a school leader and parent advocate. She is a true transformational leader!

Turkesshia Moore 
Senior Director of Program Design and Innovation for the New Teacher Center

Dr. Sam Misher's leadership naturally turns into a mentor relationship. He has taught me the importance of expecting excellence in education because and I quote, "It should be expected and it is what I want for my own children.”  It is this quotable phrase that Dr. Misher lead and talked us to ask and answer time and time again a series of questions about the level of progress the quality of progress and not to expect anything less than the best.

Additionally Dr. Misher coached us to never settle. Another quotable phrase, "if it is not broken, then break it.”  His belief that there is always work to be done and the work that can be done will make what is the best even better, is a principle that has driven me to lead three schools to have remarkable improved state statistical data. 

I would not be the leader I am today without the influence of Dr. Misher. He will always be my most revered and referenced mentor of my career.

Jamal Woods
Senior Administrator-Office of Student Due Process
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